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Struggling to visualise the finished blind? - Try this amazing free online tool

Although here at Fareham blinds we know what makes a quality made to measure blind it can sometimes be difficult when our customers ask us what we would do when it comes to window coverings in their homes. Why? Sometimes when too many people have an input on decorating and interior design things can go wrong, and lets face it, we all have different taste.

Our Suppliers at Eclipse Blinds have come up with this amazing, intuitive and FREE online tool. Design space is a web based app that will enable you to put together the type of blind that you may require, in similar room settings that you have in your own home. You can change the colour of walls and accessories in the room. All fabrics in our style studio collection can be cleverly imposed into the room setting.

Quality is a major factor when it comes to selecting products and materials that we offer. EVERYTHING that you see on design space is available from us. In our opinion systems and fabrics are some of the best that money can buy.

You can also order upto 5 sample fabrics completely free of charge. Try it now and then book an appointment for quotation on 01329 277 525 or book online.

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